Difficult Second Album

There’s an idea in the music business that your second album is a uniquely difficult proposition. The reasons for this are numerous, but the main ones quoted tend to be that the well of creativity used for the first album is now a bit dry, and where a debut album tends to have been crafted for a very long time, sophomore efforts come quickly after, to capitalise on momentum.

With few notable exceptions (Terminator: Judgement Day), film sequels too tend to be an exercise in diminishing returns. Sequels are hard.

All this is my long, roundabout way of saying: I’ve written a sequel to my book, “Read Me”. And it was hard! But I am proud of it, and excited for it to finally be a public thing that other people can read and disseminate and (hopefully!) enjoy.

Writing a sequel to a book that has a limited readership in the first place is not exactly a financially responsible decision, but it is I think, reflective of where my creativity has been since the first book came out. It’s full of burning ideas I had about what could come next for these characters and this world. Now, those ideas are out of my head and on the page.

You can buy it on Amazon right now! (available in paperback form or on Kindle)

I’d love to know what you think, positive or negative. Are sequels any good? Is continuing the story worthwhile? Let’s find out together. That has always been the “Read Me” way.


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