Does this unit have a soul?  

You may have heard the clip on Matt Edmondson, or Dev if you’re an early riser. And by the time you read this, it may have even featured in the highlights show if I’m lucky - But the time has come.

Time for me to share what I got up to at Radio 1 HQ, in full!

Full Show #

Here it is, on Soundcloud:

Condensed #

Not got 45 minutes? A condensed version (missing most of the music) is available on the actual Radio 1 website (With a picture of my actual face):

Tracklisting #

Iron Heart - Netsky
Do I See Color - Adventure Club
The Girl And The Robot - Royksopp (feat Robyn)
Terminator 2 Theme (The Day Will Come Mix) - dreaMagic
EDM Death Machine - Knife Party
Kill EVERYBODY - Skrillex
Death By Robot (Original Mix) - Feed Me
Robots In Motion - Philter
Control - Disclosure
Her Lazer Light Eyes - Nullsleep
Computer Love - Kraftwerk
Within - Daft Punk
Make Love - Daft Punk
Digital Love - Daft Punk
Touch - Daft Punk, Paul Williams

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