Hallow’s Eve Triple Threat

Hello folks,

In between trying to write interesting (and hopefully enjoyable) books for you to read, I sometimes find myself writing up things which, for whatever reason, don’t make it into a book. Usually it’s a concept that I find interesting but I just can’t flesh it out enough to be a full length novel.

Ordinarily, these novelettes never see the light of day, and end up sat on a hard drive somewhere for all eternity. But I was recently re-reading a few of them and I found three that I think are worth sharing, and better still, they’re all horror stories, perfect for Halloween.

So, on October 31st this year, you’ll be able to grab three of these spooky, fun little stories for your Kindle, for £1.99 each. That’s the cheapest I can make them through the Kindle Publishing system I use. Keep scrolling to find out more and get your copies, which are available for pre-order (or to buy, depending on when you’re reading this.)


The Demons In The Space Between #

“CAPCOM, this is Commander Noah Hayes in the blind. We have lost our comms, I repeat, we have lost our comms. Today’s mission is aborted. Recommend we re-assess the situation tomorrow once communications have been restored, over.”

That was two weeks ago.

The skeleton crew on board the International Space Station are used to isolation, but not like this. When they lose all contact with Earth, mysterious events onboard throw the team into chaos, and horror lurks around every corner. “The Demons In The Space Between” is a riveting, thrilling sci-fi novelette, a blend of insightful station logs and exciting third person action.

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The Living Hive #

“The lengthy ovipositor, or stinger, as it’s known, hits my brain. It’s the last thing I feel fully, and my head jerks forwards momentarily, my hand slightly raising before control is lost. I am fully paralysed now, trapped in my own body. I’m watching my hands move and hearing my own breath, but I am in control of neither.

I have 72 hours to live.”

When a new breed of parasitic wasp is discovered in the Southern states of America, nobody is prepared for what happens next. Caught up in a horrifying pandemic, Tim finds himself dominated by a creature that has only one goal: To turn him into a nest, and lay eggs under his skin. “The Living Hive” is a terrifying first-person novella that details his dying days, and the race against time his friends face to save him from a fate worse than death.

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Somewhere Darker #

“Hi. My name’s Rebecca, and I’m a disembodied soul. You can call me Becky.

I suppose I should start by telling you how this happened, and how I got myself into this mess.

Let’s start at the beginning.”

Rebecca is a young woman like many others, mired in self-loathing and crippled by suicidal thoughts. Little does she know that her dreams are about to come true, and her life is about to be taken from her, by force.

“Somewhere Darker” is a novelette that chronicles her journey as a ghost who realises the value of life, and teams up with an ancient spirit in an attempt to get her body back.

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