A Novel Idea

I need you to remember everything I’m about to tell you.
That’s very important.
Most people find it useful to remember things based on vivid descriptions. Visuals they can see in their own head. I’ll try to add those in for you, if it helps.
Here, let me start by telling you where I am…

A few years ago, I began working on a novel. While I’ve written short stories before, this was a very different prospect. Dozens of chapters with the same characters, getting to know them, and hopefully getting to understand them. As you might expect if you’ve read any of my other work, these characters go through some pretty dark shit. Every author, whether intentionally or not, leaves some of themselves on the page, and I think if you read between the lines in this you can learn a lot about me and my myriad anxieties.

But, more than that, I hope that it’s entertaining, diverting, thought-provoking, and ultimately enjoyable. It’s written under a pseudonym, presented in autobiographical format, and is fundamentally about superheroes, the fragility of memories, and the journey of four people with powers that unfortunately come with a lot of baggage.

And by the power of Amazon, it’s going to be available to purchase very soon™

I’ve decided to give away some paperback copies for free - all you need to do is sign up to receive an email, and I’ll select three people at random to receive a copy of the book. If you don’t win, you’ll still get an email, notifying you when the book is available for purchase. It’ll be available on Kindle too if you prefer your books digitally.

I’ve been trying to edit this book for far too long. I’m really excited to close the chapter on it and get it out into the world for everyone to read.

I hope you all like it.


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